3D-printed shop vac adapter

Believe it or not, 3D printing can be used for more useful things than clip-on mustaches… I have a miter saw with a missing dust bag, so whenever I use it I fill the immediate area with a fine coating of sawdust. I always thought a shop vac attachment would be more useful than the bag anyway, so I bought a 1.5″ to 2.5″ adapter that didn’t work at all. So I simply measured both ports and sketched up a quick elbow adapter.

I then modeled it in CAD, converting inches to mm and fine-tuning some of the dimensions and details.

A couple of simple sweeps and shell features, plus some details for hose clamps (a backup, in case the friction-fit doesn’t work):

The print took about 8 hours and required copious support material (which in turn took copious cleanup) but it came out perfect.

And fit perfectly too (no hose clamps required)!

I’ve uploaded the part to Thingiverse… enjoy!

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    The true sign of genius is doing something ingenious and making it understandable by the average schmuck on the street. I understood this!!!