why I will never again shop at McMaster-Carr

Wait… WHAT????!!!!!!

UPDATE 6/26: Yesterday I received a very cordial and apologetic email from McMaster-Carr, explaining that they have had problems with “piracy” on their web site and that my experience was an error of mistaken identity. They sounded genuine and assured me that it would not happen again. Good thing, too, because I don’t know how I would have never shopped there again.

I love you too, McMaster-Carr. We’re cool.

One Response to “why I will never again shop at McMaster-Carr”

  1. chris writes:

    Same happened to me. It might have been because I created an account with the name “George Washington” and the company “Data Mine This”. But after about 3 days of back to back access restrictions (after my ban was over, second item I would click would ban me for another 24 hours)I sent in a complaint that they lost a customer. As soon as I sent in that complaint all access was restored, haven’t had a problem since.