milling machine modifications, part __?

In this minor modification I added a 50 lb. gas spring between the column and the head, meant to assist the Z-axis motor in lifting the weight of the head.

gas spring modification G0704 milling machine CNC

The stock part is a 50 lb. gas spring with ball-joint fittings, McMaster part #4138T621. I simply drilled a hole in the column (and tapped it for 5/16-18) for the lower pivot, but the upper pivot point wanted to be above the top of the head to allow for a full 12″ of travel. I designed and machined a simple aluminum part to extend the upper pivot point and mounted it to the head. While I was at it I also machined a nice little cap to cover the hole where the Z-axis crank was.
gas spring modification G0704 milling machine CNC

The backlash in the lead screws has been giving me relatively poor surface finishes, so I bead blasted these parts to even them out. I like the look, but the “toothy” surface really grabs onto dirt.

I was hoping to double the rapid speed I could get out of the Z-axis, but I didn’t quite make it… It went from 15 in/min to about 25 in/min, although I just bought some better way oil so we’ll see if that makes up the difference.

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