CNC surface machining

I’ll be posting more about exactly what this part is in the near future, but for now I’m super excited about making my first surfaced part on the mill…

This is ABS, which I’m using to test the program before moving on to brass. Good thing too, because one of the last commands jammed the end mill down into the part… I pressed the reset button just as the bottom of the collet was carving out a pocket in the ABS and nothing was damaged, but if I was using brass things would have been ugly.

The end mill is a 1/4″ three flute uncoated carbide ball end mill. The spindle speed was around 2400 rpm and the feed was 7.5 ipm.

2 Responses to “CNC surface machining”

  1. ross writes:

    I came here via Hackaday, but then your pic of narragansett made me wonder where you were from.
    We are having a boston reprap user group meeting in about a month and I figured you might be interested. You seem to be a bird-of-a-feather. Here’s more info if you are interested.,109920,page=1

    PS those shop cabinets came out really nice looking!

  2. joel writes:

    Thanks Ross! Methuen is a bit of a hike but it sounds interesting… I haven’t fired up my Makerbot in a while, might be a good chance to get it running again.