makin’ chips

Finally got to making some chips with the mill today. ABS and aluminum scraps with a 1/2″ HSS end mill, just facing the rough edges to make rectangular blocks. So basically turning chunks of stuff into slightly smaller (and geometrically regular) chunks of stuff.

I also tried some simple features like slots and pockets. I’m finding the backlash in the screws to be frustrating– .004″ in the Y axis and .008″ or more in the X. It’s hard to measure the Z but there’s definitely some there too. The CNC controller software can compensate for this, but until then it’s up to me. Also I definitely need to mark the handwheels with which direction they move the table.

I’ve already got some manual milling projects lined up, including the CNC controller enclosure. Still refining the design but I’m getting there. Can’t wait to have a metal-cutting robot in my garage!

2 Responses to “makin’ chips”

  1. Big Dan writes:

    Jealous does not begin to describe my feelings towards this tool and your workshop in general. Good luck with the new addition to the family and watch out. My two-year old twin girls LOVE getting into Daddy’s garage…

  2. joel writes:

    Thanks Dan! And thanks for the heads up… As soon as Izzie can reach the handwheels maybe she can start earning her keep.