Hi-Striker control panel

Yesterday I finished the control panel for the Selleck Striker and started hooking it up:


reset button – Before a new contestant hits the striker, the reset button clears the LEDs, then checks the difficulty setting and applies any changes. It’s a SPST, switching 5V from the Arduino to one of its analog input pins. High on the pin = reset.

play/demo switch – Demo Mode plays a scrolling LED effect, Play Mode waits for a change in the pressure (like a hammer strike!). This is a SPDT (though I could have just used a SPST) switching 5V from Arduino to one of its analog input pins. High on the pin = Demo Mode, low on the pin = Play Mode.

analog_inputdifficulty knob – Just a 100K potentiometer that sends 0 to 5V to one of the analog input pins. This will allow us to adjust how much force is needed to get to the top.

score display – This 3-digit numeric LED display will show the “score” of the strike. I’m still not sure how I’ll calibrate it, but the idea is that you get a finer resolution score than the 0-50 LEDs in front. I’m thinking of having this also display the “difficulty” setting when you twist the knob.

striker connector – This is an RJ-45 connection for the striker portion, so that the two halves aren’t permanently tethered to each other. I’m only using three of the eight conductors.

audio out – This 1/4″ mono jack will send sound effects and other audio to the sound system.

Also note the the three Arduinos in the bottom of the photo. The Mega on the right will handle the LEDs and input elements, the NG in the middle drives the 3-digit LED display, and the Duemilanove with the wave shield on the left plays the sound effects. They’ll be communicating via their serial ports.

6 Responses to “Hi-Striker control panel”

  1. Sabrina Fies writes:

    Hola, mi nombre es Sabrina y estube buscando por internet, fue entonces que encontre tu blog, el cual me gusto mucho, el cual es bastante agradable para leer. Regreso la proxima semana para leerte de nuevo. Saludos Sabrina

  2. Alex writes:

    What was your approximate cost for the electronics on this project?

  3. joel writes:

    Hi Alex,

    Hmm… most of the stuff I had lying around, but the bigger ticket items were:

    one Arduino Mega (about $65)
    two Arduino Duemilanoves (about $30 each)
    (note: I intend to re-purpose these in other projects as needed)
    one Arduino wave shield ($22)
    52 white LEDs (??? – I had a big bag of these I got from eBay some years ago)
    2-3 amp DC power supply (about $20)
    pressure sensor (about $11)
    connectors, wire, 3-digit LED display, some switches, a relay & a potentiometer

    Hope that helps!

  4. Alex writes:

    That’s definitely a good starting point! I stumbled across your page while looking for plans for a hi-striker. I was considering making one to promote our roller derby team (shameless plug, http://www.providencerollerderby.com) and wanted to see if our budget would allow it. You have a great blog which I’ll be following for future ideas! Thanks.

  5. joel writes:

    COOL! Well, if you decide to go for it let me know, I can definitely help you out with detailed build notes and schematics, Arduino code, etc. etc. Sounds like an awesome cause. BTW I’d love to check out the roller derby some time, I’m only 45 min away from Providence…

  6. Alex writes:

    Awesome! Shoot me an email if you plan on making it down some time.