Hi-Striker construction begins

Construction on the Selleck Striker began without much detailed planning. I want to use as much scrap materials as I can, and luckily I have a lot of scrap wood lying around. The “striker” part is built around four 2x6s glued and screwed together to form a nice sturdy block, which will be topped with some thick rubber to cushion the hammer’s impact. The “sleeve” part holds the striker over the heater hose, which gets compressed when the hammer comes down.

The backboard is 8 feet tall, made with extra 1x and plywood. I drilled and countersunk holes in the front for the LEDs to poke through, and left some slots in the 1x cross-pieces for the LED wiring. I built a little “backpack” compartment for the electronics, and primed and painted everything white.

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